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We Solve Problems Using Innovation and Experience

Nabors Consulting provides customized integration services for process improvements during the migration to new applications, collaborative systems or communications systems. We identify and define business problems and develop optimized solutions using creative re-engineering to maximize efficiency and profitability. Through the strategic application of business and technology solutions, we bring a fresh perspective to the definition and implementation of business and organizational processes meeting the knowledge and technology needs of our customers.

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Change Management
Competence Development
Conflict Resolution
Contract Negotiations
Customer Service
Information Technology
Leadership Development
Organizational Development
Process Improvement
Performance Teams
Project Management
Quality Improvement
Requirements Analysis
Resource Management
Risk Management Mitigation
Strategic & Business Planning
Vendor Management

"... insightful recommendations and solutions ... asset to any company that focuses on high value solutions and outstanding customer service.

Ada Cruz, Technology Consultant, Ernst & Young

"... dedication to working through customer issues and identifying creative solutions to address their needs ... thorough, customer-oriented and results oriented ... recommend for positions that require someone with a detailed, thorough approach to problem resolution in a quality and cost effective manner.

Daniel Dykas, Director of On-Site Services in IT Services, Ernst & Young

"... able to cross the barrier from the technology team to drive business results, working with functional management to understand their requirements and deliver successfully."

Susan Baldock, Associate Director Project Management Office, Ernst & Young

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